About Saxonburg & the Saxonburg Area Business Association​

History of Saxonburg

Saxonburg was founded in 1832 by John A. Roebling of Mulhausen, Germany on a 1,583 acre parcel of land purchased from Sarah Collins for the sum of $2,209.50. The land was originally part of a larger parcel of “depreciation” land deeded to Robert Morris, a financier of the American Revolution and an infamous land speculator.

Roebling’s vision was to create a German community in America whose foundation would be agriculture and light manufacturing. To this end he laid out his purchase of land with a broad main street running east to west with the parcels fronting on Main Street. The parcels were sold to families in Mulhausen who ventured to America and Saxonburg to seek their fortunes.

In 1842 Roebling, an engineer by education, developed and patented the process for the manufacture of “wire rope” (cable) in his Saxonburg shop. This development led to his fame and fortune as a designer and builder of suspension bridges throughout the world; most notable the “Brooklyn Bridge”. The year 1848 saw Roebling’s Cable in demand internationally. To gain access to better transportation and capitalize on this demand the “Cable Works” was moved to Trenton, New Jersey.

Saxonburg of the 1880’s also enjoyed the prosperity of the oil boom in Western Pennsylvania. “Golden City”, a boom town located one mile west of Saxonburg, appeared rapidly on the country side and like many boom towns disappeared in a similar fashion. Producing gas and oil wells still dot the country side around Saxonburg.

Turn of the 20th Century Saxonburg served as a weekend retreat for families from Pittsburgh. The air was clean and fresh, the country side uncluttered, and the mineral water bathes were both appealing and therapeutic.

Saxonburg today lives much as John A. Roebling envisioned, a blend of agriculture and light manufacturing. The spirit of self determination, innovation and industriousness planted by the early founders continues to serve the descendants of the families who ventured to American with Roebling.

History of SABA

SABA was formed in June 1990 for the purpose of organizing, planning, and implementing functions to benefit our community. Our current primary purpose, as per our By-Laws, is to enhance the economic prosperity of members, economic development of the area, and promote free enterprise, growth and quality of life in southeast Butler County, especially opportunities in the greater Saxonburg region.